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 Заголовок сообщения: online sabomg in the Philippines Could Lead to More Violent
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In the Philippines, e-sabomg has been criticized by opposition groups and lawmakers. They say the sport, which allows bettors to watch live cockfighting matches, is addictive and has caused social problems.
Hundreds of thousands of people flock to unregulated locations to participate in sabomg. These include police officers and Customs officers. The PNP and other agencies are quick to arrest anyone involved in illegal activities. While there are no reports of actual murders attributed to e-sabomg, there are fears that the increased use of online gambling could lead to more violent crimes.
After President Rodrigo Duterte banned e-sabomg, some platforms remained in operation. As a result, a large number of teenagers became addicted to the gambling game. Some fell into debt and turned to crime to pay them off. This led to abductions, robberies and murders.
According to statistics, there are currently five million e-sabomg users in the country. online sabomg is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). Operators with licenses have submitted proof of paid-up capital and performance bonds. PAGCOR expects to earn between P250 and P350 million from licensed e-sabomg operators every month.
However, there is also a fear that the eased restrictions on gambling could lead to more violent crimes. In fact, a recent report in the Manila Bulletin reveals that a police corporal is facing dismissal after an attempted robbery. He was suspected to have accumulated a debt of around P800,000, which he couldn't pay.
Meanwhile, the Special Investigation Task Group has been investigating attacks against the BoC and other government officials. It has also been probing a series of disappearances of cockfighting enthusiasts. Those who have gone missing include 31 sabungeros.
The cockfighting industry has undergone digital upgrades in the past decade. Aside from gaining access to live cockfighting matches, a player can now watch bouts on different platforms. Moreover, online sabomg offers a more privacy-friendly way to engage in the activity. Users can also be anonymous. Moreover, e-sabomg sites can be accessed outside the country.
On February 21, 2017, a petition for mandamus was filed by the Liga ng Eksplosibong Pagbabago Inc. (LEP). LEP's petition argued that the relevance of e-sabomg is in question.
The petition alleged that the e-sabomg icons "employ a systematic strategy to defraud a large number of e-sabomg players." Several other allegations have also been made against the industry.
Currently, only two companies have been allowed to conduct full commercial operations in the online sabomg industry. One is Lucky 8 Star Quest Inc., while the other is BDO-sabomg. Both of these companies have registered websites and betting stations in various parts of the country.
The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation is expected to issue a license to one or two more e-sabomg operators. But in the meantime, the corporation has launched a study on the feasibility of setting betting limits. Also, it is studying the account banning mechanism that can be used to stop online sabomg accounts from being active.

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